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Poker is a most popular card game that uses betting rules and psychology. Many casinos and online poker sites currently offer poker which is becoming a major money multiplayer online game.
Many people treat poker as a fun, while other take it as money earning tool an often succeed in it. The concept of earning money playing poker is becoming more and more popular especially among young and risky. Many people choose poker as a full time job, or a way to earn money form time to time.
There are several ways to earn real money playing poker. There is no need to invest a huge amount of money – it  will not help anyway if you do not have necessary experience. Several play strategies and tips are needed to make your game productive and stable. These strategies include multi-tabling, attending low-stakes online poker games and others. First of all you need a starting bankroll.  It is a good news that you do not need to deposit thousands of dollars, many online poker sites offer low-stakes tournaments and ring games. These games and tournaments allow budget player more flexibility which is good for starters. The keyword for success in professional poker is the bankroll management which should become your good habit for all times. You must develop proper strategies for your bankroll and you should always stick to them.
The main approach here should be to minimize the risk exposure you are taking. And please try to be more realistic in your expectations, don’t expect that you will become millionaire in a day just playing poker – these thinking makes your game too risky and goes against the safe game. With such moods and expectations people often try to play with entire bankroll at one game, try to revenge and to other foolish things. So it is good advice to play low stake games if you are not a pro yet. Many low stake games reduces the risk to lose your entire capital in a moment and also creates the good base for more wins in a future. Calculating poker odds will bring math approach to you playing strategy and move you to a smarter game.
Playing multi tabling or win and run is one of the most famous strategies for the professional players. This method is actually one of the applications of small stake games approach. You should play 1-2 games on one table and then turn to another. Online poker makes it much easier than in brick and mortar casino. If you lose your money, don’t ever try to revenge, forget the money you have lost and start new game with new zeal on another table.
The players who choose poker as a job and earn money playing poker form and interesting structure. There are alot of players who loose money regularly, many players who earn just small amount of money regularly, and  a very tiny layer of  players who are at the top and have a lot. Often they are luckier and have some extraordinary skills for poker, usually they are more professional and experienced. If you feel lucky enougth then try to start learning – luck is not the only skill for poker career.  One more thing, no one can succeed in any business without having interest in it, the same  with poker. So it is necessary for you to have some native skills and enough interest in poker if you are selecting poker as a job.
There are some popular and well known online poker rooms to try your first  steps in poker. For US players we can recommend Bodog Life poker room which provides great sign up bonuses (110% for first deposit) and deposit bonuses (100% up to $500).
Non US players can try their good luck at PokerStars which offer great variety of games and a user-friendly software, not to mention that is is a largest online poker room on a planet. Poker Stars are known as an organazer for many offline poker events ans for its amazing multi-table tournaments and fair bonuses – 100% firs deposit bonus up to $600.

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