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We recommend TitanPoker for non-US players and Carbon Poker, due to financial issues with Full Tilt  Poker.

If you want to  play real money poker with the best in Full Tilt Poker room you need to install poker room software on your computer or laptop.

First step you need to take is  downloading Full Tilt poker installation program by the following link On the site you will be offered to download Full Tilt needless to say for free. Installation program FullTiltSetup.exe is 20.2 Mb and usually downloads very quick.

Full Tilt Poker installation

After download is complete you can start installation:

1) Start  FullTiltSetup.exe

2) Select language of the application

Full tilt poker install

3) Please read and understand all the details of license agreement – poker game involves real money and you better take it seriously enough.

4)  Chose installation folder- Full Tilt poker software requires about 62 Mb of disk space

5) Install program

6) Launch Full Tilt poker application

7) When the program starts it will ask you to sign in if you already have Full Tilt poker player account, if not you need to chose «Create New Account» option.

Creating a new Full Tilt Poker account

1) Fill the form

Player ID – that is a nickname which will be shown in a poker room, it can not be changed later, so consider choosing a good one.

Password –  all the security that Full Tilt poker use in a poker room can be useless for you if your password will be weak or if it will be easily picked or it will be known by someone else.

E-mail – use good, working email, you will use it to get notifications form a poker room

Referral Code – it is used if you were reffered by existing Full Tilt player.

Then you need to state that you are 18 years and older and agree with terms and conditions. Again – please spend some time to read all the terms before starting real money poker game.

You can also select avatar from existing predefined set of pictures – people, animals, strange creations. Every avatar has 4 different emotional states that you can change during the game.

After you press «Sign Me Up» button confirmation mail will be sent to your e-mail address.  This email will contain confirmation code that you need to enter in a required field in a validation form

If you reside in US you also will get a notification that US players are not allowed to play Full Tilt Poker for real money. Only play money games are allowed for US residents.

After your email verification(that can be delayed) you will be connected to a poker room by a security protocol. If you need more security you have an option to login with additional PIN or with a security key.

Now registration is complete. Now you can instantly start playing for free games or you can start to play real money poker after depositing your first money. Just to notice – you can benefit a 100% up to $600 Full Tilt first deposit bonus when depositing your first money to a poker room.

One more time – start installation process by downloading software from Full Tilt poker.

We recommend TitanPoker for non-US players and Carbon Poker, due to financial issues with Full Tilt  Poker.

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