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When you play real money poker you are exposed to a very serious risk of just loosing your money.  To some people, poker is a game based on luck and chance. However, in the real poker world, poker is a card game that requires strategy, math, and discipline. Poker is an easy game to learn but mastering a winning strategy takes practice and perfection. With poker, you certainly need to play against your pros so as to find and correct your mistakes.

You need to play poker most often for you to adopt winning strategies. Poker strategies differ from one opponent to another. As a poker player, you should be able to switch from one strategy to another when facing different opponents. There are several types of poker players and these include the tight-aggressive, aggressive, calling stations, loose, etc. Therefore, you certainly have to adopt a strategy to suit each player style.

Another aspect that influences your poker strategy is bankroll management. Some strategies work effective when you have a high bankroll while others are suitable for any size of bankroll. As they say, ‘a good poker player is one who stays in the game and eliminates others’. Yes, it’s true but this can only be achieved when you have employed a good bankroll management system.

Suppose is you are new at poker, I guess you start calling on any hand dealt to you in anticipation that you will have a chance to still the pot on any given time. However, this situation tends to increase its momentum when you realize that you can even bluff while hold any hand or the weakest hand and win pots of any size. I bet this is a road trip for all novice players. Now this is the only time we can say ‘good luck and bad luck is really important in poker’.

As a poker pro, good luck and bad luck does not exist neither is it in the manual. The moment you start basing the game on chance, this is the moment when you are separated from the big shark, and you become known as fish.

Poker Luck – For example, if you have been dealt with a 3 -2 (off suited). The hand is considered very week and there are slight odds that it can build up into a straight. Loose players would rather call preflop with such a hand anticipating for a three or a kind or straight. Thus, with such play, it is considered as chancing and the end result is that you are often known as a calling station at which you become venerable to sharks.

Poker Strategy – Basing the game on strategy, if you have been dealt with a hand like 3 -2 , off suited or 3 -2 suited, the best betting option to consider is to fold. When playing poker, you should consider playing with good starting hands such as pairs, high cards (tens and above) suited or off-suited so as for you to get the edge. It becomes difficult to out play your opponents when you are holding a very weak hand. Suppose all of you reach the showdown and all of you are holding pairs, the pot is awarded to the player whose holding a pair with high cards. Does this mean luck or bad luck? Certainly not, a good starting hand has got a high chance of developing into a good or strong hand.

For example, when playing texas holdem, good starting hands include, 5 -5 , K -T , 9 -8 , K -K , T -J and other suited connectors.

The qualities of a poker pro include mind reading (analyzing each and every opponent’s style of play and the card they ought to play aggressively with), tight-aggressive, playing a few hands. Now when we look at players who tend to chance in the game, the qualities include playing each hand dealt, calling on any hand, can play aggressive until s/he reaches flop, and many more.

There are several mistakes made by new players or beginners. For example, bluffing in poker does not mean you should bluff even when you have a weak hand. You can use bluffing to your advantage by luring your opponents to increase the pot size by making them believe you are holding a weak hand when it’s a strong hand.

With poker, you do not need luck nor should you curse yourself. It only takes practice and hard work for you to be a poker pro.

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