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Many people would like to play in their favorite poker room using iPad or iPhone (both based on iOS) or on an Android device (either a smartphone or a Tablet PC). Though mobile devices offer plenty of computing power, decent screen quality and amazing touch screens, it is not so easy to find an option to play poker for money on your Android, Ipad or Iphone.

Just imagine, if we had that opportunity we could play online poker for money while traveling, in a public transportation (to the envy of neighbors), in a traffic jam, in a barber’s and in a swimming pool.

All the major poker rooms – Poker Stars, Titan Poker, Party Poker do not offer mobile poker clients for real money game. A nice exception recently was the Full Tilt Poker who had released Full Tilt Poker Rush Mobile application for Android 2.3 Froyo in October 2010. But shortly that application was removed from Android Marked due to a new Google policy regarding mobile real money games in Android Market. Currently this application is not available on the Full Tilt Poker website also. Recently you could also play Full Tilt poker directly from a web browser. On a Full Tilt website you could choose a mobile version of that poker room where you could get all the functionality for a real money game. Now Full Tilt poker itself had disappeared from the poker cash games universe after US government legal actions against it.

Update Feb 2012: PokerStars just released a new mobile poker app for both Android and apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). Currently the app is available for UK and Italy residents. By the reviews it is one of the best, smoothest and reliable applications on the market, not to mention that it allows you to enter mobile poker using the Worlds largest poker room. More details in the following post.

A good news is that several poker rooms such as Party Poker and Pacific Poker (888 Poker) also can operate in a Safari browser. But the problem is that on Ipad, Iphone or Android there is no java or flash support, that makes it impossible to play in a browser.

Second good news is that Bwin poker room just released in iTunes App Store an application poker for a full functional real money poker game. It allows playing real money poker on Ipad and Iphone but only for UK and Austria players.   By the way, when you register in Bwin and deposit your first real money, Bwin doubles it up to $500 as a sign-up bonus.

For android fans things are much easier – Bwin offers android poker app for all real money players worldwide.  You need to install Bwin poker app from Bwin site directly and start plaiyng poker form money just in minutes.

And for Ipad and Iphone poker fans there is an option now to start playing poker mobile real money poker in a Switch poker room. This new poker room was launched in 2010 to focus on the fast growing mobile poker market on Ipad, Iphone and Android devices. It allows you to play cash poker directly in your mobile web browser without java or flash support. Switch poker room software is tested on Ipad primarily and it will function 100% well on similar devices. Switch poker also gives a good present for the new clients – after you deposit your first money and earn some player points you will receive Ipad or Ipod (based on the deposit amount and points earned).

Terminal poker room also launched its browser poker room that can be accessed via Android, Iphone or Ipad. This poker room is also a good option to consider.

But if you are stuck with your Poker Stars or Titan poker account you can also play in your regular poker room on a iPad or iPhone via remote desktop connection to your PC or Mac or laptop, which have poker room software (for example Poker Stars) installed and run.

To create a remote connection you can use any specialized software which can run on iOS – for example LogMeIn или TeamViewer.

If you use a PC or a laptop with Windows all you need is to download one of many RDP (Remote Desctop Protocol) clients, for instance iTap RDP. Then you need to enable a remote connection to your computer – go to My computer-> Properties-> Remote  settings-> Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (that’s for Window 7, in other Windows it will be something similar).

If you luckily have Mac OS computer, you need to download VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client from iTunes, for instance iTeleport.

Now you can start previously installed remote connection client on your iPad. For establishing connection you will need to enter your computer IP, choose screen resolution, and enter your login and password. After that you will be able to play real money poker in your cozy poker room. And by the way if you still do not have a poker player account, you need first to download poker room software (for instance Poker Stars or Titan poker) and create an account.

But this option is not very convenient – you need to have your PC turned on, you need to have static IP for that computer, and you will not receive all the features of Ipad in a game. It is better to think of getting a new Switch poker or Bwin account for mobile gaming.

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