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There are many ways how to deposit money in poker room, and there are enough options how to withdraw them. But credit cards seem to be the most popular payment tool and there are some reasons why.

It’s convenient because all poker sites accept credit card deposits – Bodog Life, Everleaf , Carbon, etc. Debit and check cards are also accepted, so you can use both your own and borrowed money to play. Most poker rooms accept Visa and MasterCard, some also accept American Express. But you cannot withdraw money to MasterCard.

With credit card you can easily make direct deposit without any mediators (like Moneybookers, Neteller, Webmoney, etc). So you can save some money on transaction fees and commissions. Moreover, some sites offer additional 10-15% bonus when you pay by card.

To make a payment you need to fill the fallowing fields: card type (Visa, Master), card number (16 digits), CVV-code (on the back side of your card), holder’s name (as written on the card), valid through date. After the first payment poker room will require copies of credit card, ID and proof of address. It’s necessary due to the growing number of credit cards frauds. But as soon as you send all necessary documents, you payments will be processed in 60 seconds and you don’t need to wait them to be cleared.

Some banks also limit gambling transactions due to security reasons. They either allow you to process only small deposits or reserve the same amount of money as was paid on your account. If your payment is suspended, you should contact your bank’s customer service and clear the situation.

Money withdrawing from poker room accounts can take from 3 to 7 days. Some sites limit the amount to be withdrawn on a credit card by the amount that was deposited. But there are no any restrictions in Party Poker, Pacific Poker, etc.


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