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Mind reading plays a pivotal role in player psychology. It is one of the main factors that makes the poker game complex. How does one define player’s psychology? Player’s psychology is an act of understanding your opponents style of a real money poker game as well as having the ability to deceive your opponents and understanding your strength and weaknesses.

As a poker player, you should be able to play with all kind of players and these include the pig-headed and stubborn poker players. You should be able to adjust or switch your game play depending on which kind of opponents you are facing. The only way you can outplay any opponent in poker is through mind reading.

With mind reading, a poker player is able to depict the cards being held by any opponent according to the way the opponent plays his or her hand. Before you consider on playing your hand, first, you should analyze how your opponents are playing on the table. Analyzing your opponents during game play will help you to make use of an effective strategy. Suppose you are playing with tight aggressive players, it becomes pretty obvious what kind of hand your opponent is holding if you observe him or her raising or re-raising.

After analyzing your opponents style of play you now need to adopt a way which other players are not able to read your mind or analyze your game play. Sometimes having a serious pokerface indicates that you are an aggressive player. I personally tend not to agree to this but a serious poker face is very hard for opponents to depict what kind of a player you are. A serious pokerface helps especially when you are bluffing during game play. It becomes difficult to read or predict the cards he or she is holding.

However, during real money game play, you should always maintain a consistent mood. If you are talkative, continue like this even if you losing or alternatively, if you are serious, don’t even think of smiling or laughing when you win a huge pot, hold a good hand or calculate great poker odds. On the table, when you are holding your hand, your opponents will always look and monitor your physical movements. For example, when bluffing, it has been observed that the majority of novice players tend to change their mode, or start scratching their hands or do anything silly. There are two ways to this, its either you have a good hand or it is very weak and you just trying to deceive your opponents foolishly.

Deceiving your opponents foolishly with gestures or change of mood works at times but when opponents realize your playing style, they will use it to their advantage and punish your severely. Therefore, in order for you to be a winner, you need to be consistent in what ever you are doing on the table. This becomes easy for you to later analyze your previous game play and detect leaks.

With poker psychology, a player should be able to deal with players at any level. You need to learn your strengths and weakness. Don’t play poker when mentally unstable.

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