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It’s very important for any die hard poker player to have a sufficient knowledge of the poker pot odds in order to have a better chance in winning their game no matter big or small. Learning the tips and tricks of calculating odds and turning it into a weapon in your poker game session could give you a lot of winning advantages. With a basic knowledge of the poker pot odds, it’ll determine on whether or not you’ll actually win or lose the poker game. Though these tricks are not that hard to digest, it may take you some time to actually fully grasp and understand the whole concept of it.

Poker pot odds basically means involving the use of odds or the likelihood of winning the poker game during the drawing round in order to decide whether to call a raise or a bet or not. If you’re on the straight draw or flush, you may be able to figure out whether to fold or call or not and this usually depends on the size of the bet that you’re currently facing by taking the full advantage of the situation which may really come in handy. If you’d like to earn more money and save a lot of cash in your own bankroll, there’s a simple guide to figure out the pot odds.

For instance, if you’re playing the Texas Hold’em poker, there are two different ways for you to figure this out. The first one is the Ratio Method and the other one is the Percentage Method. The one that you’ve decided to use from the two methods is only a matter of personal preference as both of the methods will be providing the same results. Although the Ratio Method is the most preferred and the most commonly used method is the Percentage Method is a lot easier to grip if you are attempting this for the first time.

Majority of forums and books regarding poker playing will place the odds in the ratio format. This method of figuring and calculating using this method can’t be missed. If you’re in a situation where there are only two people left in the pot or poker game that you’re playing (between you and your other opponent) and there’s a $80 in the pot with your opponent betting $20; what would you do? You could either calculate the card odds or compare with the others.

For the Percentage Method, it’s much easier to grip especially for anyone who had just started learning the tricks of poker pot odds. Although it’s not commonly being used as the ratio method, players will be able to figure out the situation by using a straight draw. Players could also find the card odds or make a comparison using these 2 methods.

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