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If you are thinking of selecting a good online poker room, you certainly need to read poker room reviews. Reading room reviews will help you to select a good poker room that suits you. Most good online poker rooms do not offer flash poker (instant play online) but offer the download version that comes with superb graphics and sound. In this guide, I will out briefly regarding the software used with various poker rooms. It is short software review of some of the best online poker rooms.

Poker Stars Software review

Poker Stars delivers great graphics and sound to its players. The software is available as download version and recently they released the MAC compatible version in order to meet public demand. It’s software is safe and secure and it has never caused any problems to users. The software focuses mainly on usability and playability. Players are able to replace the classic look with other poker themes offered by Poker Stars.

The software offers player stats and notes as well as other features to enable players to keep up the pace in the majority of hands.

Party Poker software review

Another poker room has become popular online. It offers million dollar tournament and monthly $5,000 freeroll. The poker room recently upgraded its software, players can resize tables according to their liking. In addition, it made huge improvements to their lobby.

The software delivers great playability and usability. Users are able to apply filters to list the games or to hide various elements. The only setback about Party Poker’s software is that it does not show flop percentage during game play.

Bodog Poker Software review

Bodog offers splendid software. Its software allows players to play a max of 3 tables simultaneously and recently released a new feature MyPayLinQ that allows players to instantly deposit and withdrawal to and from your bank account. Players are able to customize the setting to suit their liking.

The software allows players to take notes of your opponents and shows several table stats such as view flop percentage, average pot size, your win percentage and more.

In order for you to select the best online poker room that has great software, you need to compare and contract the software of each individual poker room and select the one that suits your liking. However, there are some online poker rooms that offer 3d poker. 3d poker is not very popular but if you need to play online poker with a visual of superb graphics then you certainly need to play at a poker room that offers 3d poker

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