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If you want to start playing online real money poker on a world largest online poker room you first need to spend some personal time to download and install Poker Stars software and register your player account on Poker Stars.

First you need to download PokerStarsInstall.exe from Poker Stars site.

Installation guide for Poker Stars

1) Start installation package.

2) First you need to select desired language

3) Then you will see the license agreement – please read carefully – poker game involves money risk so you need to know the details.

4) By clicking Install button you will start the installation process, that requires 50 Mb of hard disk space and takes just several minutes.

5) After installation finishes you will be able to load Poker Stars lobby:

If you have registered a player account you need to log in (Lobby->login)

If y you do not have Poker Stars user account yet you need to register.

Register a new Poker Stars player account

1) Go to menu Account -> Create Account

2) Chose your Poker Stars account User ID (nickname) and password

You password should meet strict security requirements, otherwise you will get the message

3) Fill the form with your user details – Full Name, Address, email. Make sure that your e-mail is valid – it will be validated on the next step.

Registration process is finished.

4) Validate your email. Go to menu Account -> Validate Email Address.

5) Log in to play sit&go and tournament in Poker Stars for real money!

And again, the first step is downloading PokerStarsInstall.exe from Poker Stars site.

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