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Here are some Poker tips for beginners – how to get a sign up bonus and how to win real money poker game.

Get a Poker Sign up Bonus

Most popular poker websites offer first time players a poker sign up bonus. They  add a certain percentage to your deposit, or if it’s a large first time deposit they will match you dollar for dollar. You have to admit it, that’s a great deal. Where else can you go to get such a great deal? I  think nowhere. That’s why I always look for online poker promotions.

Do Not Act Like a First Timer

Many first time poker players always make the same mistakes. I’ve noticed (and I’m guilty of too) when I play Texas Hold’em, a lot of first timers and inexperience poker players always go “all-in” on the very first cards they’re dealt. What, really? It’s like they’re playing Bingo with grandma. You will mostly see this in a game where the table is playing with play money. I’d like to see them try that with their own real money, I really don’t think they would. I’m not saying don’t do this, if you feel confident enough in yourself to do this, by all means, go for it and good luck. I’m just saying to do this more times than not, the odds are not in your favor.

Another thing to avoid is aggressive betting. Don’t keep raising a bet after somebody raises yours, simply call them on it and show them that they made a mistake in thinking that they can beat you. Don’t antagonize other players and do not be sarcastic. Being polite (but never generous) is an essential tactic I personally use. If you want to see my cards, you’re going to have to pay for it. Play smarter, not harder… sound familiar?

If you want to stay in the game, you need to manage your poker bankroll correctly, strictly, and without any temptations to spend more than you can afford. Never play above your means, which simply means if all you have is $125 in your account, you need to stay at the smaller priced tables. Makes no sense to join a game where you can barely afford the ante after a couple of hands. Know what I mean?

If you are going to play in a poker tournament in a couple of days, you need to stay fresh. Get a good night’s sleep the night before a big tournament. Avoid alcohol and drug use before every poker game. Stay focus on the game you’re about to play and put nothing, I mean NOTHING, ahead of it. I mean, missing your only daughter’s wedding because of a poker tournament is a little extreme, but I know a gentleman who did just that. Make sure you’re in shape also. Just because you think all you’re doing is sitting in a chair and you don’t need to exercise, well, that’s just not the case. You’re going to need just as much exercise to fight off fatigue.

Follow these simple steps before each and every poker game you play and you’ll soon see how good you can actually become.

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