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Are you starting to play poker and want to know the best way of depositing money into your poker room account? How to deposit poker money not just in a safe and convenient way but also to maximize your benefits from poker room offers and bonuses?

Beginners usually look for a poker site with a smallest minimum deposit because they don’t have a huge bankroll and do not want to risk much money. You can find numerous sites where the minimum poker money deposit varies from $10 to $30. Pokerstars, Fulltiltpoker and Bodog are the examples of such poker sites.

First poker money deposit and sign up bonuses can bring additional cash on your account which is very important when you just start building your bankroll.  There are a lot of benefits that you can get from different poker deposit spots. For example, recently Bwin has launched a bonus: if you play there for two months, they  award 500$. 888poker is offering 100% poker money deposit bonus for up to $888 (this is interesting because the bonus amount is lies on the name). Cakepoker is also a good resource where you’ll get 110% deposit bonus and this is applicable for up to $1000.


There are five main poker deposits options, which I’ll discuss here.

  • Credit, debit and bank cards

Credit cards are used extensively to put money into internet poker room’s account. This is the first option that mostly player try. This poker deposit method is the fastestand the most secure. You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and other cards.

  • Electronic Wallets

This method brings one more intermediate steps between your bank account and online merchant. Neteller, Moneybookers are for the users from all over the world except US. US poker players usually use eWalletXpress as electronic wallet system.

  • eChecks

These eChecks are the internet equivalent of the paper checks. The main drawback of this poker deposit method is that you have to wait up to 10 days, until your check is cleared.

  • Prepaid Visa Cards

It is convenient to use prepaid Visa or Master card for small deposits if you don’t have or don’t want to use your credit card. They are available at special online stores and some supermarkets.

  • Cash Transfer

It is used for large poker deposits, for example through MoneyGram.  If you want to use this method the customer services of you poker site will provide you the name and number of the recipient. It is not recommended for small poker deposits, because its transaction fees are higher.

Poker deposit bonuses from poker rooms become the trend of poker. Almost every site offers a different kind of bonuses to keep them in the competition. Good quality of bonuses is always appreciated by the customers.

Asan example Cake poker deposits bonus is a bonus that Cake poker room offers in a form of instant cash prizes and unique promotions just for playing the game. They also offer sign up bonus from 110% up to $600.These sorts of bonuses are to encourage new players. If you are making your first deposit ever at Cake poker room then they will give you it. Details of earned bonuses can be seen on the page of cake poker. Just keep in mind that these Cake poker deposits bonuses will remain only for 90 days and you should use them before this time expires.

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