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Congratulations to all UK and Italy poker players – PokerStars finally released mobile poker app that is available for downloading for UK and Italy residents. In January 2012 the app become available only for Italy players, in Febuary it was released on UK iTunes and now United Kindom players can play real money poker on iPhones and iPads, not to mention they can play PokerStars on Android phones as well. You can also download the mobile PokersSars application from the and sites.

Important update: Last week and got the mobile app as well. Now players from France, Finland, Sweden, Romania, Poland and Slovenia are able to play poker on their Androids phones, iPads and iPhones.

Update2: It looks like not only mentioned countries can benefit from playing PokerStars mobile poker application. It is difficuilt to find official information but some players from Russia and other countries recently received emails with invitations to PokerStars mobile poker room. The best way to check availability for your country is to log in to PokerStars mobile page and check if your country is in the Select Country list on the Mobile Poker app tab.

PokeStars app is working properly on all known Android devices, iPads, iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S) and iPod touch (3rd and 4th generations). The restrictions are:

  • min 640×480 screen resolution
  • Android 2.2 and later
  • for apple devices- IOS 3.2 and higher
  • WiFi or 3G internet connection
  • existing players account on PokerStars.

Reviewers mostly find the app excellent and similar to the desktop version – the same functionality, the same quick response, comfortable and familiar interface.

All existing functionality of the poker room-  multy-tabling, chats, tournaments, Sit’n'Go, ring games with thouthands of players worldwide is available on your mobile device. All the games available in the PokerStars room – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi- Lo are available through mobile as well. Option to play real money poker or to do some play money training first is provided in the app too.

The app looks terrific on both phones and tablets. It is noticed that it looks better on iPads than on Android tablets though, because of the higher standard screen resolution on iPad devices.

To start playing PokerStars app on your mobile follow the instructions:

1) If you have not registered Poker Stars account yet, you need to register it first. Download and registration procedure is described  in details here.


Poker Stars register and app download


2) On your mobile device go to You will be asked if you want do download app directly, or you can ask for a download link to be sent to your phone in the SMS. If you chose to use SMS you will be asked to select your country, than to enter your phone number without leading zeroes.

3) For iPads and iPhone or iPod you can also just find a Poker Stars mobile app directly  in the iTunes.

4) For Android you can also install app manually after downloading it in the .apk file from

5) On Android you will be asked to confirm to grant app permissions for phone storage, network connections and system tools. You need to confirm that.

What about other countries where people would like to play mobile PokerStars? It is rumored that next countries for mobile app can be France (already there!), Estonia, Belgium, maybe Spain, Denmark, Sweden (got it!), Finland (already!). All these countries have online gambling legislation that allows PokerStars exist on these markets with a confidence in stability.

If you are not a PokerStars fan or you are not UK, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden or EU resident consider playing mobile poker in Terminalpoker or Switch Poker or in the Bwin poker rooms – these rooms offer good mobile applications with worldwide coverage.

Update: Check out PokerStars mobile page – maybe your country is already covered. We propose to to form the list of countries where PokerStars is available in the comments below the post – if you have a country to add to the list feel free to post it in a comment!

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  1. admin says: Май 15, 2012

    Players from UK, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Slovenia are accepted.

  2. admin says: Май 15, 2012

    Russia is also included

  3. Keld says: Май 24, 2012

    When is denmark included?

  4. Kivezh says: Июнь 9, 2012

    Netherlands are online! also on the Ipad 3

  5. Bill. Weaglem says: Июнь 20, 2012

    Is Canada in for the. App

  6. andrew says: Июль 9, 2012

    Whens canada going to be able to play mobile

  7. RB says: Август 3, 2012

    Shit. I hate the U.S. Government. They need to legalize this…

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