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Instead of treating online poker as a kind of leisure activity, why not earn money playing poker, and treat poker as a job? You could make full advantage of your favorite online game by earning enough money for a living and consider it as a typical 5 – 9, 24 / 7 kind of job. The best part is you don’t have to go to work anymore – you can play poker on iPad and Android from anywhere you like. It might come off as a little bit unusual to have a poker game as your sole source of income, but if you’re dead serious about it and give your utmost focus, it’s possible to earn money playing poker in a long term.

To start playing poker for real money first thing you need to do is stop treating poker as a game of luck, chance or even gambling. Poker is 50% luck, 50% skills game. Comparing to online casino poker can bring you small but stable income. You have to be able to manage your poker bets efficiently if you want to be successful as a winning poker player. Do not continue to chase losses; this can cause you to lose all your poker bets.

To win the poker game easily and efficiently, there are tips and tricks that not many poker players are aware of. To make some easy money by playing poker, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to follow all of the playing methods and the poker strategies like Texas Holdem poker strategy. You should know how to adapt the strategies and the playing methods and understand them thoroughly.

Make sure that your bankroll is big enough to be used as a backup in case something went wrong, like a temporary loss. To start earning a lot of money during your online poker game, you may start with only a $100 in your bankroll which you’ll have the potential of ending your bankroll with over $1,000 and in turn transforming yourself into being a smart online poker game veteran. It takes time because it’s not blackjack where you can make thousand in a minute and loose it in the next one.

There are several most popular online real money poker sites that you should try in order to earn money playing poker, and the first one is Bodog Life. You’ll have better chance of earning some decent amount of money upon signing up at Bodog Life as the site offers a lot of free money for beginners, and their stakes of games are relatively low so it’s safe for starter. You may also play online poker at the Poker Stars if you live outside the USA. With their generous sign up bonus your first deposit can be doubled.

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