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Real money poker requires strategy, math, and a good bankroll management while play money poker is all about playing any style of play due to the fact that you do not have to make use of you money. Comparing the two, real money poker is linked to ring games / cash games and tournaments while play money poker is linked to freerolls.

With play money poker, you do not have to make use of you money and if you succeed to outplay all your opponents, you get to win cash. Actually, play money poker is often referred to as free money poker.

For instance, when you are playing ring games, the strategy and style of play used during the game is a lot different from strategies used in play money poker. With cash games, players do not necessarily throw their money away for nothing.

Consider if you were holding a weak hand, you would rather fold than for you to proceed betting because there are greater chances that you will lose lots of cash in this way. However, when it comes to play money poker, a player would rather chance even when holding a weak hand anticipating to steal the pot because s/he has nothing to lose but only poker chips to part away with.

With real money poker, a good bankroll management should be employed for you not to lose your entire bankroll quickly. Play money poker allows you to play poker without risking any of your money and in return you have a chance of winning cash prizes.

Play money poker is not all about playing freerolls or not depositing any poker funds into your account. A poker player is able to play money poker by receiving a transfer of funds from another poker player. Many online poker rooms allow players to transfer funds from one another with no fees added. Another way of play money poker is by playing Sit N go tournaments. These types of tournaments do not award players with cash prizes but with play chips. The play chips can be sold on eBay.

It has been observed that real money poker players tend to care so much about their bankroll when compared to play money poker. Play money poker players can go all-in with any hand and this is one of the main reasons that makes play money poker become more complex than real money poker.

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