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Willing to play poker on your Ipad or Iphone? Need to play real money poker on your android tablet? Consider using Switch poker- the first poker room that is focused on Ipad and Iphone poker players and Android fans also.

As many of us discovered, due to negative Apple’s attitude towards real poker money applications, there is none of them in Apple store. You can simply download Zygna poker on your iPad but playing without real money option is not a poker at all -people just get boring soon in Zygna poker and start trying to find how to play cash poker using mobile app. One of the options is to play no download poker through your mobile browser. You need to know that not all no download browser poker rooms allow to play Iphone or Ipad or Andriod poker. A majority of browser poker rooms use flash or java technology that are both restricted on Iphone, Ipad and Android. Only newest Andriod 3.0 have flash support included. One of the first no download poker sites for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android is Switch Poker.

Switch poker was launched in 2010 and is constantly developing since that time. Main  currency for games and money deposits is Euro. Buy-ins at the tables are from 20 cents to 1000 euro. This poker room is available for all non-US players  - it is not actually restricting US players but the money depositing options are just not convenient for US poker fans. Deposit options include credit cards, Moneybookers, Neteller.

The variety of games is pretty low, actually only No-Limit Holdem Ring Game (6-seat) is now available. Software is rather basic and design doesn’t impress much, but you can play through almost any browser including mobile browsers. The main point of Switch poker room is not using flash or java that is not available on Ipad and Phone and Android. The list of supported browsers is the following:

  • Firefox v3.6.8 or higher
  • Chrome v5.0 or higher
  • Safari v5.0 or higher
  • Opera v10.60 or higher
  • Internet Explorer v8
  • Internet Explorer v9

Number of players is rather low currently, comparing to large poker rooms like Poker Stars or Party Poker, so you will not face hard competition. But due to increasing number of iPad, iPhone users in the world, the number of players may increase soon.

The main advantage of Switch poker that outweighs all the drawbacks is that it is mobile ready, available for playing on Andriod, Iphone, Ipad and well tested on that devices.

You need to know also that Switch poker is giving away lots of new Ipad2 and Ipods for the players that deposited they first money and earned some frequent players points. that is quite generously isn’t it?


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