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If you are thinking of taking poker to an advanced level, the simplest way is to learn from professional poker players. For novice players, poker seems to be a hobby but when you consider taking poker to top levels, you soon realize that there is so much to learn.

For beginners, learning poker is all about learning the rules and its proceeds of play. Did you know, you could spend more than five years playing armature poker but not realizing it? You will only get to realize how complex the game is when you sit, play, and chat with poker pros.

Suppose it’s your first time chatting with poker pros, they seem to be speaking in another language and it’s all jargon to you. For example, they may talk about Tag or Lag poker and you may think that it’s another poker variant. Others can talk about %3bet, %Bet flop and other terms and abbreviations used in poker such as passive, rocky, fish, BB, etc. In order for you to understand all this is to ask and you will be answered.

It becomes easy for you to get tips from poker pros. For example, if you were new to online poker, you will be introduced on how to make use of online poker tools. There are poker tools out there that help players to sharpen and improve their game play and these include HEM (Hold’em Manager), Poker Tracker, and many more. With the use of poker tools, the user is able to detect loose and tight players sited on the table. Thus, you will be able to avoid playing with tight players or you can simply play with players at or below your level of play. Another advantage is that instead of you having to take down note of your game play, the poker tool does this for you and it is able to analyze your opponent’s game play as well as detecting and fixing your leaks.

Other tips you can get from your poker pros include playing TAG (Tight Aggressive) poker.  With TAG poker, a player has to know which starting hands to play with and this is the very moment you get to learn about various poker hand nicknames such as presto, deuce, pocket rockets, Big Slick, Royal Arlo, cowboys, etc.

For cash poker tips, you need to learn how to analyze your opponent’s style of play. Professional poker players will always hunt fish or the novice players and there are poker tools such as Smart Buddy that helps you to detect fish and profitable tables. Without help from the experts, you will never get to find the best online poker tool available as well as how to make use of it to your advantage.

You will get to learn more from your poker experts and in a very short time, you will start playing online poker for money. From a broad prospective point of view, playing poker becomes more like an investment. It is considered a high-risk investment at which its risk can be monitored by the use of an effective bankroll management where you would have to set your profit targets as well as your stop loss.

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