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If you decided to start playing poker for money in   Titan poker – one of the largest on-line poker rooms  you first need to install Titan Poker software on your computer and register new user account.

First step for you to install Titan poker room software will be to download TitanPSetup_fc0f71.exe from Titan Poker site.

Titan Poker software installation process

1) Start TitanPSetup_fc0f71.exe installator.

2) Select desired language.

3) Accept users license agreement. Please consider reading it cause playing poker on-line involves risk to your money and it is better to know all the details before going into the game.

4) After you press Install button Titan Poker will be installed on your computer.

5) To start playing real money poker on Titan Poker you need to launch the application and then login

If you do not have Titan Poker player account yet you need to register.

Registering new poker player account in Titan Poker

1) Press Create account button

2) Fill the user form

Please provide correct e-mail account. You will need  to validate it later.

After you create your account you will be able to connect to Titan Poker lobby and start playing poker for real money.

And again – first step for the installation is downloading TitanPSetup_fc0f71.exe from Titan Poker site.

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