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If you tried to reach Poker Stars room site – after 04/15/2011 you probably got a message that site was seized by US Department of Justice and FBI. On the site you could see a nice picture with logos of that solid organizations.


The Poker Stars poker room had to move from to and continued real money games for all the users except players form US. Due to the problems with the bank accounts frozen by US low enforcement agencies poker room had stopped for some period all money withdrawal.

Some players started to panic trying to withdraw all they money from poker stars accounts, the poker room assured that all the clients money are stored in separate accounts in several European banks and there is no reasons to worry.

Fortunately after severals days poker room returned to original site – now all international players continue to play real money poker there.  But US players still had problems with they accounts and could not withdraw money.

Finally at the 20 of April poker room started to cashout US players. Poker site says that it reached the agreement with  Department of Justice to allow US players to get they funds back. All US players got opportunity to withdraw all the money from they accounts.

Currently (and likely forever) US players are restricted to play real money at Poker stars They are able only to play play money games at That information appears if you try to reach the site from US or related territories. Obviously you can use proxy server or anonimizer software to play for real money but the poker room will likely prevent that and you will be threatened to loose all your deposit.

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